Symbols of Suffrage: The Feminized Nation

Once the Unlovable Feminist's message gets out, and we've left our children in care of our Marytered Man-Wives, we reach the challenge of getting our silly clothing through the door of the voting booth. Once that challenge has been met, prepare for Woman's Rule in The Feminized Nation.

The Rooster, another Marytered Man Wife, is bewildered by being turned into a "Sissy", the preferred nomenclature of the time. But what is life like in a country under a feminine touch? It is a paradox; woman are both distracted and obsessed by petty and pretty things while ruling with an iron fist.

Poor Man-Wife is still woefully domesticated, even losing the last symbol of his manhood- The Pants.

The Modern Feminized Nation

Our modern maryter, Dumb Dad, lives in the Feminized Nation, a world where women's insignificant wants and needs take top priority. The Unlovable Feminist matures into The Nag, Dumb Dad's enlessly demanding partner in life. See what happens when women get the vote? Chicks; give 'em an inch, they take your balls, huh fellas?

The propaganda, both vintage and modern day, is effective in it's dangerous message; feminism equals women in control. This idea has strong roots today and many people still perceive this to be the point of feminism. Please remember that true feminism is about equality. The questioning of gender roles gives way to a new outlook on society and how it could function in a beneficial way for all people, not just women.