Symbols of Suffrage: The Martyred Man-Wife

Watch out fellas, those damned Unlovable Feminists are on the move! Worst of all, your wives have started to hear word of this new "women's movement" and they've gotten quite interested! Some of them are even ... reading! 

Can we imagine a world were women participate in politics? Don't hurt your brain, it's too horrifying! Before you know it, they'll be leaving you with the *gasp*...children... just because they want to have silly representation in their government system!

So where does that leave you, sir? In the household! Poor men, having to sacrifice their precious time and energy doing for one day what women do all the time! The Martyred Man-Wife, a.k.a. Suffragette Madonna, is a pathetic creature, at the whim of his woman. He fusses with the children, unexperienced in tenderness. He tries and fails to clean the abode, never trained in lowly housework.

Even when your wife gets home from voting, the pain never ends. Now that women have tasted power, they've gone mad...MAD I SAY! They point, they accuse, they blame the poor man-wife for his incompetence!

Still, if you can manage to keep your spouse off the streets and away from the voting booth, who knows? The Feminist Movement might have already gotten to her- she might be spending time at home in activities that don't involve making you dinner!

Today's Martyred Man-Wife: Dumb Dad

Modern advertisements played up the incompetence of the Man-Wife and turned him into the Dumb Dad, a clueless father figure who still can't figure out the intricacies of Mom's role in the household. Indeed, it may be actually true, as even today's full time working woman is responsible for a majority of the housework. If only the vision of the Martyred Man-Wife turned out to be somewhat true, perhaps the gap wouldn't be so wide! Indeed, as women have progressed and expanded their roles in society, their traditional roles have not been appropriately modified; partners have not necessarily compromised.

Really, Dad's incompetence is a shallow attempt to make women think there's something magical about being able to clean counters and fry an egg, a deliberate message that men can not perform these same tasks, so don't expect them to. Continue to work as hard as ever. Men seem comfortable with this stereotype; perhaps anything is worth getting off dish duty? Women seem comfortable with this stereotype; perhaps anything to have some sense of capability? When the media gives us this sense over domestic areas, the expectation is that we will not wander into the men's arena of control.

Your Typical Family

Here's some findings from my local community pharmacy and gift store. They are car sticker people, because nothing says I Love You like driving around with crudely drawn depictions of your family plastered to your window. Beware: 51% of sticker marriages end in sticker divorce.

As they get older, your car sticker kids are going to start wanting sticker toys and games and things. Let's see what they get:

Sticker Billy (you know he's a boy because he's wearing blue!) is getting some sports accessories! Football, Baseball, Basketball... Sticker Billy is quite the well rounded athlete. Every sticker Father's dream come true!

Sticker Betty (you know she's a girl because she's wearing pink...but what are those things on her legs? PANTS? Pants are for men, sticker Betty! Get with the times!) is getting everything a girl needs ... shopping bags, a cell phone, even the uber practical every day necesities, a princess crown and wand!

Go ahead, say it: What's the big deal you crazy feminazi? You're reading into cutesy sticker families? YES, Damn You! This subtle silly sexism normalizes the gender roles that are so hard to break out of. They start young, bombarding us in advertisements, media and asinine car sticker collections, and before we know it we think science and sports are for boys and magic and shopping are for girls.

For more on Gender Specific displays in stores, check out Happy Gender Specific Birthday, inspired by my local Walmart.