Thanks, Dr. Scott!

Corsets were claimed to provide a woman with more than the perfect waistline- manufacturers, companies and even Doctors sold women on the idea that corsets could be a cureall for anything that ails you. "They cannot and do not harm like medicine." Corsets put a lot of pressure on the abdomen; it was said (and still is today) that "training" with a corset can decrease appetite and lead to weight loss. The pressure also makes it more difficult to breath - the shallow breathing they caused was considered attractive and ladylike. (Labored respiration is so sexy!) "They are constructed on scientific principals." While it is true that medical corsets are used sometimes for spinal injuries, corsets -especially the hardcore ones worn in the past - caused disfigurement, muscle atrophy, organ problems (like shifting, compression and crushing) and respiratory and reproductive issues. Sorry, Dr. Scott, I'm all set on the corset. "Always doing good, never harm."

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