Your Typical Family

Here's some findings from my local community pharmacy and gift store. They are car sticker people, because nothing says I Love You like driving around with crudely drawn depictions of your family plastered to your window. Beware: 51% of sticker marriages end in sticker divorce.

As they get older, your car sticker kids are going to start wanting sticker toys and games and things. Let's see what they get:

Sticker Billy (you know he's a boy because he's wearing blue!) is getting some sports accessories! Football, Baseball, Basketball... Sticker Billy is quite the well rounded athlete. Every sticker Father's dream come true!

Sticker Betty (you know she's a girl because she's wearing pink...but what are those things on her legs? PANTS? Pants are for men, sticker Betty! Get with the times!) is getting everything a girl needs ... shopping bags, a cell phone, even the uber practical every day necesities, a princess crown and wand!

Go ahead, say it: What's the big deal you crazy feminazi? You're reading into cutesy sticker families? YES, Damn You! This subtle silly sexism normalizes the gender roles that are so hard to break out of. They start young, bombarding us in advertisements, media and asinine car sticker collections, and before we know it we think science and sports are for boys and magic and shopping are for girls.

For more on Gender Specific displays in stores, check out Happy Gender Specific Birthday, inspired by my local Walmart.

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