Don't be a Douche

Somewhere along the line someone probably thought this was an empowering commercial; see how in control women are, what with our sexual manipulation and awesome vaginas?

The YouTube comments are filled with a lot of "get a sense of humor" but don't be fooled by the same old crap.`My first entry on this blog was a collection of Lysol Douche Ads (yes, LYSOL, the house cleaning chemical company) and my opinion on douching remains the same: another unnecessary so called "health and beauty" routine that benefits neither your health nor beauty.

"Send for a free book telling about this grave womanly offense."

The evidence that douching has any benefits at all are almost entirely anecdotal and disputed by most health professionals and organizations including the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. While this new commercial has tried to spin the message into some kind of homage to the power of the pussy, the underlying point is the same ole same: Women, you better keep your vaginas nice- For Men.

"But Cleopatra still found the time to take care of her most precious resource."

"Because of a beautiful face? We think not."

Ladies, do yourselves a favor and actually marvel at the power of your vagina- and it's ability to clean and regulate itself. See a doctor if you think you have a serious problem, otherwise there's no reason to fill your lady parts with chemicals based on an expectation of what it should feel, smell, taste or be like. Please also remember that you are a person with intelligence and personality- your vagina, although unquestionably great, is not the end all be all of your power as a woman or a human being!




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