You Smell and Men Hate You

"True, men were attracted to her, but their interest quickly turned to indifference. Poor Girl!"

"5,000,000 young women become of marriageable age this year. How many of them, we wonder, will make the grade? One thing is certain, they can't expect to attract and hold men if they have halitosis (unpleasant breath.) It nullifies every other charm."

"Unfortunately, "B.O" offenders rarely know when they are guilty."

"The least talked about feminine odor but the most offensive to men."

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"Don't sacrifice your feminine charm one single day in the summer. Kotex protects daintiness when especially difficult."

"But it's so easy for a wife to think that time strengthens love- to feel that, because her husband loved her once, he'll love her always. Don't make that fatal mistake!"

"Garden fresh daintiness every day of the month. Every girl wants it."

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